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NFL: Pittsburgh qualified for the play-offs

On Friday evening, Pittsburgh put an end to its series of three successive defeats. Effectively, this under franchising team beat Columbus (2-1) after a high-level match in which the suspense also was present. By the same occasion, the team, subject of online sports events betting, got also its ticket for the...
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NBA: Cleveland beat New York

On Sunday in New York, the series of eight successive successes of the Knicks in the championship came to an end. Carmelo Anthony and his team bowed in front of Cleveland, on Sunday (106-100). The star of platforms of online sports events betting registered 32 points and made 8 rebounds. Leading...
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PopCap Games Launches Lucky Gem Casino™ on Facebook

PopCap Games has released a new slot-based


game for Facebook. Lucky Gem Casino™ is a free to play luck-based games which pays out in play-money only. It features some of the imagery and characters from other popular PopCap games including Bejeweled®, Bookworm®, Chuzzle®, and Zuma®....
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Behaviour to adopt in poker:

All the actions and decisions you take in


are crucial for yoursuccess in a tournament. It is important for you to know where you are putting your feet and distinguish all of your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses. It is crucial to know how...
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Leave with pocket full of money

Having good time is not forbidden, it is even recommended after a long week of work. A site bearing the name Bet770 is available to give you maximum pleasure. Not only playing on Bet770 is relaxing but if you're a lucky, you will leave with pocket full of money. On Bet770,...
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Bruno Mars caught at the casino of Las Vegas with cocaine

Bruno Mars, the teen star, has just been arrested for possession of drug at the Casino Bet in Las Vegas. You probably know more he last title Just the Way You Are. During his visit to Vegas, the young man spent too much time in one of the...
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Difference between the different poker games

What is the difference between the different poker games that online casino are proposing to us? One of the most popular poker is, without hesitation, the poker Holdem. Five cards on the river and 2 in your hands. The goal: get the best combination with your to 2 cards and 3...
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How does a poker tournament work?

Most of the time you have to enrol yourself to be able to play poker online but some of the online casino propose to play online without any registration. It is the possibility to have a look quickly and decide if yes or not you...
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free bonus no deposit casino
free bonus no deposit casino
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